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26 September 2013 @ 02:56 pm
Fall TV 2013 Watching Schedule  
Year 4 of Let's pretend I actually watch shows and don't fall miserably behind on everything. ( 2010 - 2011 - 2012 )
Codes: BOLD (Excited for) ITALICS (Wishful Thinking)

8PM Once Upon a Time S3, ABC (Haven't seen past 1x06)
8PM Bones S9, FOX (Mostly a legacy show. Barely pay attention to it since they put Booth/Brennan together)
8PM Hart of Dixie S3, CW (Haven't seen past middle of S1)
9PM Beauty and the Beast S2, CW (Haven't watched an ep)
8PM NCIS S11, CBS (Legacy show. No rewatch value anymore.)
8PM Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S1, ABC (Highly skeptical of quality beyond Whedon pilot. Think the whole MCU is overvalued but will try it out.)
830PM Brooklyn Nine-Nine S1, FOX (Trying it for friends)
9PM New Girl S3, FOX (Catching up. Almost done with S1)
8PM Arrow S2, CW (Haven't watched an ep)
8PM Revolution S2, NBC (Watched half of an ep once)
830PM Back in the Game S1, ABC (Meant to try this for Maggie Lawson. No other real interest otherwise)
9PM The Tomorrow People S1, CW (Was this on yet? I was excited for this but haven't paid attention to when it debuts)
10PM CSI S14, CBS (Legacy Show. The premiere was HORRIBLE. Danson/Shue gave the show a bump the last two seasons but now the show is feeling stale again)
8PM Once Upon a Time in Wonderland S1, ABC (Since this is a spinoff I think I can just jump right on. So I might do that)
8PM The Vampire Diaries S5, CW (Have never watched an ep)
9PM The Crazy Ones S1, CBS (Robin Williams + sitcom + Sarah Michelle Gellar = Sign me up)
930PM The Michael J Fox Show S1, NBC (Michael J Fox. Period. Exclamation point.)
10PM Elementary S2, CBS (My fave new show from last season.)
9PM Hawaii Five-0 S4, CBS (Legacy show. Lost interest during the last season. Now it's on Friday to die eventually)
9PM Grimm S3, NBC (Haven't seen an ep)
10PM Dracula S1, NBC (Can't wait for this! This is my most anticipated Fall show. Hope it succeeds like Elementary did last year for me.)

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Barbara: TV - Prince Edward Enchantedhtbthomas on September 27th, 2013 11:04 pm (UTC)
CW hasn't premiered anything yet - won't until Oct. I'm glad to see you're going to watch Tomorrow People! And I liked Back in the Game, despite not having it on my list originally. :)
Doctor Greenhorned Gleeky Blur Wizard: coolemeraldstag on September 28th, 2013 10:09 am (UTC)
Oh good. That's probably smart of them to avoid the wave of premieres from the big networks. Yeah I have a soft spot for CW action shows but hard to stick with em, fell behind on Nikita too which I just realized I didn't see on the Fall schedule I don't think hmm. But yeah after seeing that teaser this summer for the show it looks like fun at least.
Yeah I think Back in the Game has potential. Hard to beat James Caan. The language surprised me a bit but I'm probably too sensitive about that and what passes okay for TV these days lol.