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My TV Schedule 2010 Edition

A few days ago htbthomas did her own post on this subject and I decided to emulate her and see what exactly I'm in for this year on TV.

Codes: L= Watching it Live, D = Watching it Delayed/Downloaded, T = Giving it a Try, / = Or

The Amazing Race S17 (L)
The Simpsons S22 (D)
CSI: Miami S9 (L/D)
The Walking Dead S1 (T/L/D)
Bored to Death S2 (T/L/D)

Chuck S4 (L)
How I Met Your Mother S6 (T/D)
Hawaii Five-O S1 (T/L)
Chase S1 (T/D)

Glee S2 (T/D)

Hellcats S1 (L)
Law & Order: LA S1 (T/L)

Bones S6 (L)
The Big Bang Theory S4 (T/D)
Community S2 (T/D)
Vampire Diaries S2 (T/D)
Nikita S1 (T/L)
Fringe S3 (T/D)

Star Wars Clone Wars S3 (L)
Smallville S10 (L)
CSI: NY S7 (L)
Blue Bloods S1 (T/L)
Teach: Tony Danza S1 (T/D)

Merlin S3 (D)

Summer Shows Ending Soon
Covert Affairs
Hard Knocks
Psych (My new favorite show returns in Nov!)
Rizzoli & Isles
The Glades
Warehouse 13
White Collar

Okay, wow. Wasn't expecting that much. How much do you want to bet that I won't even see even half of the shows I'm going to try to watch delayed/downloaded? Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturdays look like are going to be my light days.. How I attempt this and keep my sanity intact without a DVR I don't know. Still bummed that there is no Legend of the Seeker S3 to put in that Saturday slot with Merlin. :(
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