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Gotham 1.01 Pilot Thoughts

One of my favorite things to do when a new show starts is to do people watching and figure out where I’ve seen the actors playing these characters before, like I found out from my dad that Harvey Bullock used to be a chief on Vikings, and I recognized Alfred Pennyworth as Inspector Lestrade from Elementary.

This wasn't the first version of the Wayne killings that I've seen but I was surprised by how sinister it seemed this time around. It wasn't a jumpy thug with an itchy trigger finger, instead of the shadows keeping the killer hidden he was heavily covered. Those eyes that left Bruce alive seemed to do it for a reason, really gives off the whole this was more of a planned than random encounter. I like it more when the Waynes are killed by some unknown random lowlife so I hope it’s a mystery that is never solved on the show.

I’m really enamored with the position the show puts Jim Gordon, as the fresh faced young do-gooder who is faced with doing the right thing in a city filled with corruption. I don’t know how I feel about Harvey Bullock being his partner/mentor? It’s the only thing I’m having trouble with, in that it gives Harvey an edge over Gordon but I’m open to seeing how that dynamic plays out and if Gordon influences Harvey over time.

And if every episode is Jim getting in over his head in Gotham and dragging Harvey with him, this show could be very fun to watch.

Intrigued to see more of Barbara as Gordon’s fiancee, very early into their time together. I can’t say I've seen much of that explored before, and I think it’s a very interesting backstory to have her had an assumed previous relationship with Renee Montoya of the MCU.

Also baby Selina was adorable and I loved that opening bit with her thieving right before the Wayne shooting. Very slick! The Penguin seems like an interesting character, although I wonder what he’s going to do now that he’s “dead”. I don’t know how I feel about Ivy but I have to assume at some point she’s going to interact with Bruce or Selina or else what’s the point of her?
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