Doctor Greenhorned Gleeky Blur Wizard (emeraldstag) wrote,
Doctor Greenhorned Gleeky Blur Wizard

My Online Past and Future

 Happy New Year, friends! Going to try to be more active online this year besides twitter. Have started commenting more on Instagram and want to start blogging again so there will be some crossposting in the future. Tumblr here seems mostly the same just a lack of nsfw things. I do want to dust off my dreamwidth/lj but I forgot how more personal it can be adding people on these platforms. I’ve gotten used to the impersonal ways of modern social media. Has probably made it harder to make meaningful connections, as I probably have more legacy friendships than from the newer platforms but I have made a few strong ones from tumblr and twitter tho.
Fixed up the about me page on my Tumblr, don’t think I’d touched it in two years so lol. Ended up going through my old graphics folder (for a new project I’m working on) and went on a little journey trying to find all of my old online websites/blogs before tumblr, before livejournal/dreamwidth and I think I found em all. Three aren’t around anymore, but one was on one of those free forums platforms that tapatalk has now and it has a message that I could probably get it migrated, I doubt it and probably won’t but maybe lol. And the other two were sites i set up on a free hosting service that doesn’t exist anymore. You know, know that I think about it I think there is even another one that I had on geocities way back in the day that I forgot about. Or, what was that other platform like geocities that started with an x or something?

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